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Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

I believe that Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery should be individualised and tailored to each person’s needs and that all procedures to alter the appearance should follow the rules of safe surgical practice.

I have a special interest and expertise in breast and body contouring cosmetic procedures and I strive to offer the best personalised advice, treatment and care to my patients. Time spent during the initial consultation is the first step to achieving the best results and everyone who has met me knows well that I offer the opportunity for as many pre-operative consultations as required before the decision to proceed with surgery is made.

I have tried to include as much information as possible on the procedures I perform in my website. I hope you find it helpful, informative and easy to navigate.

Effie Katerinaki

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon
MBChB, FRCS(Ed), PhD, FRCS(Plast)





Recents blogs and testimonials

Removing breast implants – What about the implant capsule?

Common reasons for a patient requesting removal of breast implants after a previous cosmetic breast augmentation is that one or both of the implants feel hard and uncomfortable and often the appearance of the entire breast has changed. These symptoms suggest that scar...

Is body contouring surgery available only to women?

There is no doubt that putting on weight can affect not only a person’s self-confidence and body image but most importantly can have detrimental effects and consequences for the health. According to data from BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and...

Mastopexy (Breast uplift) – how long will the result last?

A breast uplift or mastopexy is a cosmetic breast surgical procedure to lift and reshape the sagging breasts. It is similar to a breast reduction procedure, but minimal or no breast tissue is removed, the skin is tightened and the breast re-shaped. Mastopexy usually...

Liposuction – Some common misconceptions

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the UK and with its popularity come repeated misconceptions. The procedure removes deposits of fat cells around the body. The focus is usually areas that won’t respond to traditional means of...

“Mummy Makeover” – What you need to know

A “mummy makeover” is a custom-designed combination of surgical procedures that can help a mum feel confident and comfortable again with her body. With pregnancy, many ladies experience significant changes to their body. Even when the weight has returned to its...

What does “FDA approval” mean?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) examines and approves a wide range of items such as food, vaccines, medications for humans and animals, dietary supplements, radiation-emitting electronics and medical devices for humans for medical use, including drugs and...

Determining your bra size. How useful is this for breast cosmetic surgery?

One of the most common topics of discussion during the initial consultation for breast cosmetic surgery is current and desired bra size. It is interesting to note that bra sizing was developed by the clothing industry and there is no clearly defined or widely accepted...

The NHS breast implant registry

In October 2016, the Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry was launched in England. This is a database for all breast implants used in breast reconstructive or cosmetic augmentation procedures in England. It has been introduced by the Department of Health and has been...

Breast Asymmetry – Are breast implants or breast reduction the only answer?

A certain degree of size and shape asymmetry between the two breasts is very common in most women of all ages. This is often barely noticeable but occasionally it can be significant enough to cause anxiety and embarrassment as it can affect choice of clothes and...

“Cooling off” before cosmetic surgery

One of the most common questions I get asked during consultations for cosmetic surgery is “How soon can I have the procedure?” Of course it is understandable that having made the decision to have a cosmetic procedure is very exciting, especially as most people have...

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you have done on my breast. I am truly grateful for your skill and expertise and the kindness you have shown me. It was a difficult time and I am lucky to have you as my surgeon.

C.R Breast Reconstruction

Dear Effie, I just wanted to write to you “woman to woman”. To say that you have made this cancer journey far less daunting. You have always been so kind, yet truly professional. I am very pleased with your work and the perfection you clearly strive to achieve…In summary I’m just saying a huge thank you.

A.F Breast Reconstruction

I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me. I never thought I would feel human and normal again but now I can carry on with my life with my family and enjoy it. Thank you for being professional and friendly

M.F Bilateral Breast Augmentation

I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me. I never thought I would feel human and normal again but now I can carry on with my life with my family and enjoy it. Thank you for being professional and friendly

T.F Breast Reconstruction

Thank you very much for the care you have given me over the last few months. From the moment I met you I knew you would look after me…I am so happy I chose you as my surgeon and for the care you have given me throughout…I cannot speak highly enough of you

B.L Abdominoplasty

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