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Mastopexy (Breast uplift) – how long will the result last?

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A breast uplift or mastopexy is a cosmetic breast surgical procedure to lift and reshape the sagging breasts. It is similar to a breast reduction procedure, but minimal or no breast tissue is removed, the skin is tightened and the breast re-shaped.

Mastopexy usually involves repositioning the areola and nipple.

When considering the procedure, many ladies wonder if the result of enhancing the breast shape will be permanent and if there is anything they can do to maximize the life expectancy of their breast lift.

The answer to this depends on many factors including not only the surgical technique used but also age of the patient, size of the breast, quality of the skin, changes in body weight, subsequent pregnancies and life style choices such as smoking or excessive sun exposure. For some patients the result will be long lasting but others may require a minor revision procedure after a few years.

There are certainly a few things you can do to get the most out of your mastopexy procedure.

Taking good care of yourself by having a well balanced diet, keeping your skin well moisturised and avoiding smoking and prolonged sun exposure will definitely help you maintain good skin elasticity in the years to come.

Rapid weight gain and loss is never a good thing for any cosmetic surgical procedure and can have negative effects on breast uplift results. Most surgeons would advise against having a mastopexy if you have not reached your target weight. It is equally important that you maintain this weight following your surgery.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also affect the results of a breast lift as the breast tissue goes through many changes and for this reason many ladies will consider the procedure after they have completed their family.

A well fitted bra especially during exercise is also very important and will help support the reshaped breast and protect it from the effects of gravity and stretching.

In summary, breast uplift can be a very rewarding cosmetic procedure but it is essential that your goals and expectations have been discussed at length with your Plastic Surgeon during your pre-operative consultations and that you maintain your weight and a healthy lifestyle following your surgery.